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APR 2018:
- NEW EAGLE INDUSTRIES PRODUCTS: All new Eagle Industries inventory arriving mid to late May. Beginning 01 May we will enable the Add to Cart feature to accept pre-orders.

MAR 2018:
- 18 MARCH - WEB SITE CLEANUP! Over the weekend we removed all legacy products including all remaining Blackhawk, Hatch, Specialty Defense Systems and Tru-Spec merchandise from the On Sale section of our web site. We have relocated these remaining closeout items in our entrygear Ebay Store to support our ongoing effort to purge all non-U.S. made and non-TAA compliant goods from our web site and inventory.

- HUGE EAGLE INDUSTRIES SALE! Approx. 3/4 of all current Eagle Industries inventory is being discontinued. If it has a sale price, it's being discontinued and will no longer be available in the retail market. Most pricing is 20%+ off MSRP. If it's not on sale, it is either a brand new item not yet available or we plan to continue stock of the item for the foreseeable future.

NSN SEARCH AVAILABLE: NSN numbers have been added to all product descriptions where applicable. Customers can now SEARCH products by NSN.

INVENTORY SUPPLY DISCLAIMER: Tactical Advantage, Inc. sources all inventory directly from the OEM manufacturer or their authorized distributors. We are not in the surplus business and do not purchase sub-standard or surplus gear from DRMO, flea markets, soldiers or any other procurement mechanism outside of our direct vendor supply chain.

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