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Northeast Tactical Single Point Sling - Snap Hook
Mfg: Northeast Tactical

Our Price: $34.95
MSRP: $35.00

Status: Special Order (7-12 days)

Currently Unavailable


The One Point Rifle Sling attaches using a metal snap hook on the sling to a single connection point to the weapon, either factory installed or aftermarket. The sling will maintain security of the weapon and quickly allow different force options.

The one point attachment allows a more natural pivot point on the weapon as well as limits the amount of material that can interfere with the weapons features.

When attached and slung, the weapon hangs in front for easy control. Length can be adjusted to fit over varied clothing and armor systems.

The weapon can quickly be shouldered with little to get in the way at critical moments. Also can be shouldered to support side with no interference from the sling.

If needed, the weapon can easily be moved to the side or rear for different force options or for hands free work.

Slings available in Black, Tan and Olive Drab. Slings can also be special ordered in blue and orange for training and less lethal weapons.

Webbing Adapters are available for collapsible and fixed stock attachment points and butt plates sling adapters are available for collapsible stocks.

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